Governing Board Members:

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Jonas Bean

Jonas Bean - Board Chair

Mr. Bean has experience in outdoor education, school leadership, classroom education, business ownership, non-profit education board management and is also a structure firefighter/EMT and ski patroller. His wide range of experience and connections within the community helps to unite the vision of the school. He has two children who are curious learners and love living in Valley County. Mr. Bean has a passion for travel, dual sport motorcycles, sailing, photography, and sunrises.

I joined the MCS Board because I believe in choices for education. No school can fill the needs of every student but by having options, families can make the best choice for their children. I also have so much confidence in our administrators, Pat and Jenny, who’s vision and drive to make MCS a center for innovated learning will change the lives of young learners in this area.

MCS inspires me because of the untamed possibilities of growth with our students. There are no boundaries to what self-directed education can achieve. Student centered education is the key for kids to learn for themselves not because an adult is telling them they have too.


Jeremy Humphrey

Jeremy Humphrey - Secretary

Jeremy is a competitive ultramarathoner, coach and race director. He is a licensed Colorado attorney, with a Juris Doctorate and Bachelors degree in Political Science.  He is happily married to Brandi and recently had his first child, Wilder.

I joined the MCS Board because of its commitment to serving the children of McCall through place based education and lots of opportunities to get the kids outside and experiencing the beauty of Idaho.  I am inspired by our Board's strength to carry on in our search for a home and to finally open our doors and begin serving our local children.


Elise Giddings

Elise Giddings

Ms. Giddings has been involved in multiple start up businesses and brings an entrepreneurial approach to the MCS board. Through her business efforts she has experience in collaborative team building, operational considerations, marketing, and messaging. She is also a part time homeschool educator and herself a dedicated student of alternative educational methods that develop self-directed, motivated leaders for the future. It is her personal goal to help each child (and adult!) come into contact with and develop the inner gifts they have to offer the world, and is happy that MCS will offer this opportunity for children in our community.

I joined the board because I have personally seen the benefits of a project-based and learner centered approach for children, and would like to bring this approach to Valley County. Before we moved to the area in 2016, my children attended a school with a similar model and I saw first hand the engagement and powerful learning that working in this environment allowed.

Working on the board of MCS has been inspiring because it is a microcosm of the values of our school - each member bringing their talents to bear on the overall project, working together through many challenges that required creativity, problem solving and collaboration - the skills of the 21st century. To have the opportunity to bring these skills to the students and show them how to use their own talents, creativity, problem solving and collaboration to bring to life projects of their own is truly inspiring to me and I believe will nurture people who will make a difference in the world.


Tessa Soutar

Tessa Soutar

Ms. Soutar has years of experience in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings including both educational training and experience in place-based outdoor education. Ms. Soutar is a local business owner of an outdoor retail and gear store in McCall and therefore has direct business-related experience that will benefit the operation of a non-profit. Ms. Soutar also has experience working with educational boards and extensive experience with developing curriculum and school management.
I joined the MCS Board with an excitement for expanding McCall’s educational world for our children and families. McCall offers so much inspiration for an individual’s curiosity, passions, and learning. I have seen firsthand the quality of confident and competent children that come from student-directed and place-based learning. It was so impressive to see the work being created by Jenny Schon and Pat Berg to harness all of these qualities of our town and provide them in a school setting. It has been an honor to see their dream come to fruition and the possibilities that have been created for the students of our community.

Jean Keese

Jean Keese

Jean brings a diversity of experience to the board.  She is an entrepreneur with an expertise in strategic communications and the wellness industry.  She has served as a strategic communications and media consultant to a variety of high-profile boards.  She is a former homeschool educator, and believes every child deserves an education that inspires them to reach their potential.

Wendy Walters

Wendy Walters

Mrs. Walters is a former wildland firefighter, ski patroller and outdoor educator. She majored in forest management and natural resources. A lifetime dedicated to working and playing in the outdoors as well as being a mother of two active children on the McCall alpine race team, Mrs. Walters is committed to the success of Mountain Community School.

Haden Tanner

Haden Tanner

Mr. Tanner graduated from Boise State University with a degree in History and Secondary Education.  Shortly after graduating he moved to McCall in 2004 where he started out working in local youth in the Valley County Juvenile Detention Center.  After DJC he took a position teaching at Heartland High School, then McCall Donnelly High School.  He has volunteered throughout the years as a youth soccer coach, hockey coach, and mountain biking coach.  His ties to the community and the youth of Valley County continues to run strong and brings not only a educational background but also a business owner perspective and connections to the board.

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