What We Do

The following four elements are built into the daily routine at MCS, supporting the model of place based learning.
Project-based learning utilizes an interdisciplinary approach from a lens of a local to global approach where curriculum is based on what is happening here, now and builds outward. This approach brings the community into the classroom and the classroom into the community as students focus on local topics. All core subjects are interwoven in projects, an emphasis on an inquiry-based approach allows students to drive the project with their curiosities and an emphasis on design thinking provides structure to problem solving.
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Competency-Based Assessment allows students to advance upon mastery at their own learning pace. A flexible structure to grade levels allows students to work with peers at their level individually or in groups depending on learning goals. Students meet with their grade-level cohort daily but move throughout groupings and grade levels depending on their personal learning levels allowing students to be pushed at their speed.

Personalized Learning puts the student at the center of their learning both in their academics and interests. Every student will meet one-on-one regularly with their teachers to create and update their learning plan and portfolio with a detailed map of progression and artifacts of evidence. Students will have time each day to focus on building their capacity in core subjects and time to focus on interests of their choosing including the arts and special interests. With the focus of community as classroom, local community experts will be utilized to enhance curriculum.

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Character & Leadership includes social-emotional, leadership, communication, and collaboration skills, elements that are weighted in student development since the whole child matters. Encouraging students to be adaptable and competent for any challenges is an important aspect of MCS curriculum.