Fill out the enrollment form for open spots or to be added to the waitlist

Registering for a charter school:

  • Enrolling your student(s) saves a spot for them for the equitable selection process (lottery).
  • The equitable selection process (lottery) randomly selects students
  • After families have "won" a seat they then need to register to secure the spot.

The Equitable Selection (Lottery) Process:

  • Enrollment for the Fall 2022 school year lottery will close on March 25, 2022. On that date, any grade level that exceeds the set class size then enters the lottery system. On April 1, 2022, students are randomly selected for each grade level. Remaining students are waitlisted.
  • Grade levels not filled at the end of the enrollment period then take students in on a first-come-first-serve basis until the limit is reached. Once a student is registered they do NOT need to re-enter the lottery again in subsequent years.
  • If you have completed the enrollment form prior to March 1, 2025 (the OPEN date), you WILL NEED TO CONFIRM your enrollment via text, email or voice message in order to be included in the selection process.

Different class size limits:

  • Charter schools determine their enrollment capacity per grade in their charter, which is approved by the state.
  • Charter schools are independently managed, publicly funded entities with state authorization allowing for significant autonomy and flexibility.