What we do

Mountain Community School is a personalized, project-driven, free, public charter school that creates active, engaged thinkers who participate in their own education. We develop curious and confident children who grow to make the world a better place.


The program inspires students to get excited about learning by tapping into their individual passions and talents. We empower them to take a role in their learning by designing and implementing interest- driven projects that are integrated into core academic subjects. We are focussed locally, to address real issues that are relevant, and infuse meaning and impact into everyday school. Each student is a valued member of the community whose voice contributes to the whole.


Giving students agency over their own learning, strong ties to their local community and insight into the impact they can have as an individual, prepares students for a world that needs self-directed, creative people who are committed to using their talents and passions towards good.


The MCS educational model is based on the place based approach as defined by the Place Network from Teton Science School. The Place Network provides professional development and support for a growing network of schools using this model.

Interested in Working at MCS?

We are seeking K-8 classroom teachers and bus drivers.


Focused on success for all students
Part of Idaho public education system
Available to students of all abilities
State-funded like other public schools
Operate without support from local tax dollars
Mission-driven by design
Committed to improving public education
Staffed by high quality Idaho certified teachers and administrators
Comply with all state and federal laws
Required to take ISATS and other state-required tests

Charter Schools are independently managed, publicly funded schools operating under a “charter” or a contract between the school and the state or district allowing for significant autonomy and flexibility.