• Director: Patrick Berg

    Patrick Berg is co-founder of Mountain Community School. Patrick has over 20 years in education including classroom, special education, alternative school, and school leadership. Patrick is passionate about educating the whole child and working with teachers to help them transition to a mastery, personalized approach so students can be successful in their chosen pathways. Patrick Berg brings strength to Mountain Community School with his drive and vision for providing students better learning opportunities as well as his experience leading schools through shifts in educational practices, including mastery and place-based.

    In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, skiing, paddle boarding, and spending time with his family.

  • Director of Academics & Student Affairs: Jenny Schon

    Dr. Schon is co-founder of Mountain Community School. Dr. Schon has 12 years of experience in education in both a traditional classroom setting and in outdoor education. Dr. Schon has taught secondary science, graduate education courses, and a range of electives at the middle school and high school levels. She has also served as both a Technology Director and Gifted and Talented Director for a K-12 school. Along with experience on a non-profit board, research experience and curriculum development for the University of Idaho and a background in field research, Dr. Schon brings strength to Mountain Community School in her background in curriculum and student agency development as well her experience designing place-based education lessons and training educators on the implementation of place based education.